Geo Power Capital seeks to build a portfolio of the world’s most promising renewable energy and clean technology companies. It helps its portfolio companies grow and scale-up by providing capital and management expertise. Geo Power Capital targets investments that have the greatest potential globally and to the EU and is particularly focused on the following sectors:

  • Clean energy: including power generation and storage technologies, transportation technologies, cleantech/clean energy innovation, and sustainable biofuels

  • Environmental resources: including water and waste management, and sustainable agriculture technologies

  • Energy and material efficiency: including developments in advanced materials, building and power-grid efficiency, and the enabling technologies

  • Environmental services: including environmental protection and business services

  • Investment in these markets will be made via two funds: the Geo Power Clean Technology Fund (GP CTF), to be launched in 2012, and the Geo Power Generating Fund (GP GF), to be launched in 2012. Geo Power Capital will invest direct in companies, as lead or co-lead investor. It funds will launched in conjunction with partners Siemens AG, Esbro Group, Dahldrup and the Deutsche Bank.

Both funds follow an active management investment strategy. The targeted investment amount is between US$15-50 million and seeks to realise strong risk-adjusted returns. Through these funds, Geo Power Capital also seeks to demonstrate, commercialise and promote renewable technologies in the EU, and to identify synergies between its investments and other Geo Power activities, as well as the long-term energy and development program of the EU.