About us

Who we are
Our organization comprises a team of experts on organization, finance & funding, supported by consultants in the field of renewable and sustainable energy. We have extensive contacts with various governments and policy makers in this field. GPG has a large network of (financial) contacts. Due to our global contacts with various organizations, institutions, companies and governments, GPG has continuous knowledge about the current state of affairs in the fields of pyrolysis, deep geothermal (hydro and EGS), Combined heat and power (CHP), solar and wind.

What we do
Geo Power Group (GPG) coordinates and directs the overall development and realization of renewable energy projects. Within the projects, GPG focuses on overall coordination, organization, ICT, financing and financial control.

Collaboration with professionals
GPG works together with a wide range of technical professionals who already have years of experience in the different kinds of renewable energies worldwide. This applies to both partners in engineering for solar, wind, CHP. pyrolysis, geology and drilling technique fot geathermal energy, as well as for the above-ground technology, such as turbine and generator suppliers and infrastructure.